Get Paid

Establishing a meaningful relationship with someone you've never met is something we think has real value. And we think its fair that if you're helping someone, you should be rewarded too. We pay cash, directly to you, for a range of services.

Virtual Penpals

Connect with someone in a secure environment. A chance to chat discreetly about your lives, with help, advice and compassion along the way. It is something people value highly, and we pay you for it.

Virtual Partners

Whether you're currently single, or in a relationship, perhaps you already have a partner but are looking to spice things up, or just want to have some virtual fun. We offer the chance for a meaningful relationship with no consequences or risk, safe and secure. You take things at your own pace and to whatever level you feel comfortable with.

Do you have a secret?

We all have them, and it can be a liberating experience to chat to others about them. Is it a bit steamy? If so it might be the sort of thing someone wants to hear more about, and will pay to hear about the details.

Paid Questionnaires and Surveys

We are a leading provider of statistical information for government agencies and marketing groups, where the focus is on topics that people will only discuss confidentially. We don't share stats on an individual but rather build up the reports into trends and indicators to reflect the impact of government initiatives and marketing drives. Recent examples include trends for STDs, racial attitudes, care for the elderly and religious beliefs.

All we ask from you is that you provide honest information, and respond within a certain timeframe (usually around 2 weeks). Payments are made on an ad-hoc basis, via paypal for complete security and confidentiality.