About Us

Discreet Encounter isn't a dating website. We're not the latest social media craze. Actually we think of ourselves as anti-social media, a place where you can be who you want to be, in a safe and confidential environment.


We want you! We are looking for fun, intelligent, passionate and interesting women who would like to connect, in a discrete and secure manner, with other guys and girls who want to get to know you.


Do you want to connect with a fun, intelligent, passionate and beautiful woman? Would you like to form a meaningful relationship - a meeting of the minds to share your most intimate side, without fear of repercussion or ridicule?

Get Paid!

Establishing a meaningful relationship with someone you've never met is something we think has real value. And we think its fair that if you're helping someone, you should be rewarded too. We pay cash you cash directly for a range of services.